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Lauren Alicia (Michigan native), is her parents’ 20-something year old grown kid of divorce, and the author of DEAR DIVORCE, THANK YOU (EVEN THOUGH I HATE YOU) SINCERELY, MY PARENTS’ GROWN KID: A Journey Of Hate, Healing And Understanding available now for pre-order (click here).

Alicia is a Parsons the New School for Design graduate with a B.B.A. in Design + Management, business/design enthusiast, blogger and collaborator.

In her past time/procrastinating from studying in college, she had her first taste of writing, penning rap verses in her dorm room and only a select few can confirm this as true. Trained by Parsons in business writing and development, she’s able to adapt this knowledge into telling her own story. This knowledge helped create her first blog + collaborative, in 2012, where Lauren Alicia considers herself to be the “Queen of the Process,” sharing her own “Girl YOU Crazy” story. As part of her blog, she gifts readers with a free book at the end of the year, publishing through,Don’t Take the Elevator and Framed Stanzas. Dear Divorce, Thank You… is Alicia’s first commercially published book in print format, and directly about a sensitive area of her life. 

You think parents have a lot to say about their divorce…

Lauren Alicia journeys through being a child of divorce now grown in a series of segments and personal letters designed to confront, cope, learn, decide and apply, providing space for readers to write their own personal letter entries. DEAR DIVORCE, THANK YOU (EVEN THOUGH I HATE YOU) SINCERELY, MY PARENTS’ GROWN KID: A JOURNEY OF HATE, HEALING AND UNDERSTANDING is an intimate conversation about what it feels and looks like to no longer be permitted to live the normal you always knew, and positively moving forward from our experiences. Alicia confesses moments when her present paid for past hurts of her parents’ divorce, making this book for our sanity and the purpose of moving forward to a better place.

Through using a conversational writing style this is a book readers experience, not necessarily a “how-to guide,” and insight for parents and outsiders (if that makes sense)… Moving past all of divorce’s promising statistics for its reality, the family, the people, the normal everyone knew, and the unfiltered honesty…which is where the hate comes in.

Join Janét and Lauren as they discuss Lauren's book and her journey through being a child of divorce now grown.

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