Living in the Light with Guest Keidi Keating


Bestselling author, marketing consultant and social reformer Lynn Serafinn hosts author, ghost writer, editor and publisher, Keidi Keating

Keidi Keating writes, edits, and publishes books and products which empower people to reawaken their Light within. Her own spiritual journey began after a series of transformational healing sessions at the age of 30, when she experienced a sudden spiritual awakening. The mystical chain of events that followed sparked a yearning to learn more about the Soul.

Keidi had a vision to use her writing talents to create business projects that could help support and deliver spiritual education for children. This vision gave birth to her compiling and launching the book The Light, which is now actively raising money for seven different charities.

On tonight’s show, Keidi will share her insights into how living and working in The Light causes miracles to happen.

As usual, at the end of the show, Lynn and her guest will play the '7 Graces Lightning Round' when, in less than 3 minutes, our guests will show how each of the 7 Graces relates to everything discussed during the show.