"Be Whatever You Want to Be" with Author Marc Marcel

THURSDAY MAY 2nd 9pm EDT on The 7 Graces Hour...

Host Lynn SerafinnBestselling author, marketing consultant and social reformer Lynn Serafinn hosts author, spoken word artist, and philosopher, Marc Marcel.
World renowned spoken word artist, Marc Marcel has traveled the world, inspiring people through poetic stage performance for over a decade. Palmetto Star, host of 2raw4tv internet radio calls Marcel, “One of the most relevant speakers of our time.”
In Marc’s new book The Book That Doesn’t Even Matter, he shares his philosophy of life and exposes his grandest findings and answers to some of life’s most fascinating secrets during his ventures into the astral realm.
On tonight's show, Marc will venture deep into the metaphysical realm, explaining some of life’s most captivating energies such as karma and the ego and why they are needed to help one’s growth. Marc says, “By examining what ‘you’ really are, and your connection to all that is around you, you can reveal the responsibility you hold to the world you presently play in. The secret to the game is as simple as the power of positive thought.” 
As usual, at the end of the show, Lynn and her guest will play the '7 Graces Lightning Round' when, in less than 3 minutes, our guests will show how each of the 7 Graces relates to everything discussed during the show.