Discover Your Most Powerful Message - Thurs Apr 25, 9pm on 7 Graces Hour

THURSDAY APRIL 25th, 9pm EDT on the 7 Graces Hour

Host Lynn SerafinnBestselling author, marketing consultant and social reformer Lynn Serafinn hosts, international leader in the conscious business movement & founder of The Expansion Lab, Jeffrey Van Dyk.

Often referred to as “The Messenger Maker,” Jeffrey has a special magic in helping business owners discover the message they are meant to share with the world, where their power, service and reach really take off. Jeffrey has spoken on numerous stages around the world, trained 1000s of people in his work, and has worked alongside such luminaries as Bill Gates, Jacques Chirac, Donald Trump, Peter Jennings, & Ariel Sharon.

Jeffrey grew up in a religious household with Dutch Guest Jeffrey Van DykCalvinists who then became Evangelical, which gave him a rich experience of the inner saint vs. the inner sinner, and compelled him to create a philosophy of life and business that promotes inner alignment and wholeness.

Tune in and learn what your truest, most powerful message is - the one that makes your ideal clients know they are meant for you, and how to identify the "tipping point" where your ideal clients move from being simply interested in what you do to needing it now.

As usual, at the end of the show, Lynn and her guest will play the '7 Graces Lightning Round' when, in less than 3 minutes, our guests will show how each of the 7 Graces relates to everything discussed during the show.