Money Magnetism with author Debbie Bermont

Thursday March 28th, 2013
Bestselling author, marketing consultant and social reformer Lynn Serafinn hosts, author and Luminary Leader, Debbie Bermont.
Debbie Bermont is a transformational agent, business growth expert and author of Outrageous Business Growth -- the fast track to explosive sales in any economy. For the past 29 years Debbie has combined her extensive marketing background and 18 years as an energy worker to show people how to accelerate their sales growth even in a downturned economy. 
Do you know you have the intelligence to succeed, the passion to help people, the desire to make a difference in the world and then no matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to get ahead of your finances? Your outer world is ALWAYS a result of your inner thinking. And thinking about money specifically can send some people in a complete downward spiral instead of experiencing the true abundance and prosperity they desire. 
On tonight's show, Debbie will talk about the constrictive beliefs most people carry around about money, along with the associated shame and pain around the feelings of lack and helplessness it can create. And she'll show you how to replace those challenging thoughts with empowering beliefs that open you up to a new level of financial prosperity so you become a money magnet!!
As usual, at the end of the show, Lynn and her guest will play the '7 Graces Lightning Round' when, in less than 3 minutes, our guests will show how each of the 7 Graces relates to everything discussed during the show.