Why Do The People Who Say They Love Us Hurt Us

We have all heard the saying blood is thicker than water. Well, unfortunately, many people have had the rude awaken when they realize the people who are hurting them are the people they love.

Many times we hold onto relationships that are no longer serving us because we are afraid of being alone, we are afraid of rejection, we are afraid of abandonment. 

I'll be open about somethings personal that may cause me trouble but I am more concerned about healing the person who needs to hear this.

I've been betrayed by family members, friends and even colleagues.  Betrayal always forces the ultimate question as to why would this person do this to me? Or sends the person who is being victimized into an emotional rollercoaster of insecurity. 

We've all heard, people who hurt other people are hurting too. Meanwhile this is very true, the follow to this phrase is not just to acknowledge hurting people hurt people but teaching the people who have been hurt how to heal from those experiences and love the people who have hurt them.

Too many times, I've heard but it's my mom, my dad, my cousin, my friend from childhood and on and on it goes. Stop making justifications for denouncing your soul's right to be exactly who its suppose to be. It's ok to not engage your family, friends or colleagues if it's always going to trigger you back into an emotionally relapse.  Someone needs to hear this because many of us attempt at changing ourselves, our perspectives but the one thing that remains clear that whomever ishurting you it's their problem, not yours.

I shared this post today to help many people heal from relationships which are no longer serving you.  Blood is thicker than water when you allow people into your life who want to love you so deeply the ocean would be jealous.

Seek those experiences, I am here to tell you they exist.