The Trinity Of Devotion

When I reminisce on past relationships, I must say, I've had a very fortunate track record in my relationships with men.

I've always been myself.

I'm always perplexed when I see women who claim being powerful become a shell of themselves for a man who says he loves them but he is riddled with so much insecurity he dampens her flame.

If he understood that fire in her soul is what makes her unravel and dazzle, he would never try to quench it. Truly, he would do everything to maintain that flame.

The saddest observation is she lets him snuff out her light. She wants the acceptance of being seen as a two not proud enough of just being her one.

Where's the power in being diminished?

I believe a woman must have a partner who doesn't hold her back from being everything she needs, desires and wants.

That's love perpetuating a trinity....

Thine. Mine. Ours.