The archive of Janét Aizenstros is home to a plethora of content that is metaphysical by nature. You will find in this archive features from books, stories, insights, people, podcast to vlogs. This archive is dedicated to the women and men from all the around the world who helped shape janét Aizenstros’s perspective.

From September 2012 to September 2014, Janét Aizenstros produced 190 Podcasts and 60 videos through Women’s Movement Radio and Women’s Movement Television Networks.

The entire timeline for this content spans from 2011 through to 2017.

Note to the Listener & Reader: Please know as Janét Aizenstros has grown as a person and entrepreneur many of the perspectives featured in the archived section are old perspectives and beliefs that Janét Aizenstros may have had at the time. The purpose of this archive is to preserve the Intellectualism, journalism , career highlights and the women’s empowerment of the Janét Aizenstros brand. Keep in mind that people’s opinions and perspectives are subject to change as they evolve. Although, most of Janét Aizenstros’s content is metaphysical by nature, her views on Christianity and religiosity have shifted to date.

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