MY STORY: From Devastation to Transformation

In 2010, I made the decision to leave my first marriage. Within one year of learning the law of attraction, I finally found the gumption to ask for a divorce.  After 18 months of waiting for our family home to sell I left a tumultuous 7-year marriage with only my suitcases and my two little boys with over $50,000 worth of debt. I didn’t know where I was going to live or how I was going to eat.  Meanwhile, I had started my company 18 months’ prior there was only small revenue coming in. Although, my new freedom felt empowering, I felt alone and scared about how I was going to take care of myself and my children.  As a lifelong spiritual junkie, I began using the law of attraction and started to believe beyond what I could see. I would try to put myself in a place of feeling ABUNDANCE, even though my child & spousal support payments kept us below the poverty line. I cultivated an attitude during this time of learning to focus on the present to establish a fulfilled life. Through interviewing I met world-renowned thought leaders that showed me how to create the desires of my heart through the power of FEELING. I consistently pursued being in a positive feeling space to manifest amazing things I desired for my family.

The UNIVERSE definitely delivered.

By the end of 2013, I met the love of my life, landed my first major animation project that gave my company an abundant injection of money to aid in marketing my now international best-selling children’s’ book series ‘Why Mommy Loves.  Fast forwarding 3 years later, I am blissfully in love with my soulmate, founder of a multinational online media conglomerate and live a life of FINANCIAL FREEDOM with my two bouncing little boys in my hometown.

My mission is to empower you to create a life you deserve filled with love and abundance through the spirit of GIVING.

Professional Bio

Janét Aizenstros is a Canadian serial entrepreneur with a PhD in metaphysical sciences. She is known as an author, celebrity podcaster, speaker, model and philanthropist.  She has interviewed some of the world’s most recognized celebrities, authors and thought leaders on emotional intelligence.  Janét has been featured on numerous media outlets globally such as SUCCESS, Oprah, Huffington Post, CTV, NBC, CBC, Women’s Post and more. She has delivered keynote speeches for companies such as Microsoft, Innovation Guelph, Mompreneurs and featured by DOVE USA for the #LOVEYOURCURLS Campaign.  

From 2012 to 2013, Janét authored seven books in genres ranging from children to self-awareness. Her writings have appeared in numerous anthologies globally whilst her poetry has been recognized by the International Library of Poetry. Her children’s book series Why Mommy Loves can be found globally and has been inducted in her hometown public library archives along-side world-renowned children’s author Robert Munsch.

She is the Founder, Chief Strategist and Publisher of Ahava Digital Group and LOVE Lifestyle Publishing Group.  Ahava Digital’s team has worked with companies such as MasterCard, Adidas, ReMax, ABC, Disney, Pixar, Vogue and more.  In 2017, her agency and publishing company were awarded by CV Magazine as one of the fast-growing agencies and publishing houses in Canada.

Janét has been selected as one of the Top 10 Inspiring Women in Canada, and ranked as one of the Top 50 Women in Social Media in 2012. She has been nominated and received many awards including the 2013 - 2014 Shorty Awards, the YMCA-YWCA Woman of Distinction Award in 2013 – 2014, one of 2015’s Top 100 Black Women To Watch and in 2016, she was awarded as one of the Top 40 under 40.

Currently, she is living in her hometown, happily loving her soulmate, enjoying her children and working towards her executive MBA.

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“So beautiful you are Janét.  These books are a wonderful accomplishment.  Keep thriving.” – Arianna Huffington, The Huffington Post


“Janét Aizenstros is a powerhouse.  She is authentic, intellectual and provides her audience with relevant and engaging conversation. We were happy to sponsor this event. -- Frances Goldstein, Executive Philanthropic Officer – United Jewish Federation, Tomorrow Campaign


“I met Janét at Rogers TV Daytime Toronto.  When she walked through the door, I said to my publicist, “Look, there is baby Oprah!”  Her presence is magnetic and it was an honor for my book to be presented to all the ladies at National Bare Day Campaign Live Event.” -- J.L. Witterick – International best-selling author of the acclaimed My Mother’s Secret, Penguin Random House


Woohoo! What a dynamic group of women! Janét Aizenstros is queen of confidence. She moves on stage with sheer elegance. The event made all the speakers and guests feel like royalty. I was happy I could be apart of an event where each women was a powerhouse on her own. -- Julie Cole, Mabel’s Labels, Co-Founder & Spokesperson

“ I love this woman! She defines inspiration. We were happy she chose her event at our location and happy to assist her in promoting this event in any possible way. ” Carol Seidman, Director, United Jewish Federation, Tomorrow Campaign

“Quartz Spa was happy to sponsor this event once we saw the caliber of Janét’s lifestyle event held at STOCK, Trump Towers TO.   Bold. Bare. Powerful live event was amazing. Her personality draws people into her profound insight and wisdom on emotional intelligence. Janét’s energy transformation techniques I learned at this event I still use daily.” -- Jami Steele, Spa Director, Quartz Spa, Trump Towers Toronto


"Touched. Healed. Inspired. Janét, has changed me. She epitomizes the essence of courage. Her ability to overcome, to stand, to conqueror will inspire anyone especially women." --  Kristel Manes, Director, Innovation Centre, Innovation Guelph


“I have been to many events, yet I have to say this one walks away with the trophy.  Humor, stellar presentation and such hospitality, Janét provided her guest with a filled day of spirituality, intellectualism and wellness. Bravo! I am looking forward to Bare 2014.” -- Lynda Fishman, Huffington Post Writer, Speaker & Author of Repairing Rainbows


Woohoo! What a dynamic group of women! Janét Aizenstros is queen of confidence. She moves on stage with sheer elegance. The event made all the speakers and guests feel like royalty. I was happy I could be apart of an event where each women was a powerhouse on her own. -- Julie Cole, Mabel’s Labels, Co-Founder & Spokesperson


“Thankful that this story series came to Vaughan. It's a perfect Mother's Day gift.”– Patricia Curto, Vaughan Moms


“It was an incredibly pleasure having this dynamic lady read for our Momstown Guelph group. The books are wonderful.”  -- Leanne Ballard, Momstown Guelph


Love, love, love this woman! Janét spoke to our moms at our Lunch & Learn in May 2014. She brought her books to share with the women about how the “art of wonder” changed her life. Moms can play too. --Tessa Kampen, Guelph Mompreneurs


“ I am honored to call Janét a friend and colleague. She is definitely a supermom. As I read these books to my daughters I started recalling the memories I’ve created with my own children. She inspires me to be more than just a mom but an example to my daughters so they know all things are possible for a woman who wants to balance business, life + motherhood.  -- Carolyn Dickinson, Supermom Entrepreneurs


“I’ve bought the book myself, and I can tell you that it’s great. And it’s got the Mom Seal of Approval from my own mother, who said she would have bought it if it was around for me and my siblings when we were kids.” -- Monique Jones, Monique Blog


“ I met Janét Aizenstros in Manhattan. She is every bit of the word inspirational.  I’ve come across many children’s books yet none that really capture the memories and moments moms share with their children.  Janét’s books have been added to our Mama Glow community because they depict the essence of motherhood for the 21st century mom.  A mom who is aspiring and inspiring.”  -Latham Thomas, Mama Glow


“Calling all moms! This lady is on fire! Let me firstly say that this woman, is going to do big things not just online yet in the world.  The books are current for the dialogue of how moms right now in the 21st century raising children and juggling life. It’s warm, stylish and exudes fun! So, proud of Janét’s accomplishments! You ROCK lady!  --  Amber McCue,


Her story speaks for itself but in a nutshell let me say, WOW. This woman has had some hard times yet has triumphed to become a successful founder, CEO and executive producer of her own radio talk shows.  -- Tamara Garrison, Garrison Prosperity Solutions


Janét is a movement to join.  She is empowering women all over the world.  I am excited to see her embrace her destiny.  -- Sheree Carradine, Sarah Magazine


I am extremely honored to have met Janét! A beautiful, passionate, and courageous Queen that is deserving the blessings that are raining upon her. I am Janet is a movement and is going to take the world by force. We are all here to bare witness to that truth. So happy to be here aligned with the beautiful one we call Janet! -- YaSheeka Sutton, The Elle Foundation


"I am in awe.  She was so gracious and open to sharing her stories and insights with our audience and our team.  She is really magical." --

Savie Persaud, Microsoft's Community Development and Events Specialist


"To be brave is to truly believe in one’s convictions and to encourage others along the way. Janét teaches us that at times of hardship we all can endure, no matter what. Her love of life and passion for her endeavours is truly remarkable."

Angel Freedman, Relationship Therapist


"Janét is a shining light of strength and inspiration. Her personal challenges and ultimate success have given her the insight and sensitivity to inspire myself and others to believe in ourselves and trust our journeys. A true leader."

Marci Warhaft, founder Fit vs Fiction


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